With huge thanks to the Environment Agency’s Championing Coastal Coordination (3Cs) programme to help set up a vibrant and effective Coastal Partnership Network for England, the Championing MoRPh Estuaries pilot project team are thrilled to announce further funding to continue this exciting work in 2023.

Building upon the successes of the 3Cs Championing MoRPh Estuaries 2022 pilot project, this year, our 2023 project has launched with an invitation to join project partners to find out more about potential benefits and free training opportunities at a live webinar on 17th April. Open to all interested in enhancing engagement and evidence gathering to support decision making in their local tidal rivers and estuaries. Please follow the links below to find out more…

Championing MoRPh Estuaries – live webinar 17th April 2023

You are cordially invited to join the 3Cs MoRPh Estuaries live webinar at 2-4pm on Monday 17th April to hear project pilot partners sharing their updates and interests in using MoRPh Estuaries in their locations AND let us know what will be most helpful in your estuaries and tidal river reaches. Registration form (& short questionnaire) here. More information is provided below.

Taking a catchment based ‘source to sea’ approach has often met with challenges in tidal river reaches, especially for gathering effective data and evidence to help understand, protect and improve estuarine marginal habitats. 

The 3Cs Championing Coastal Coordination project aims to build connections between stakeholders and volunteers in river catchment and coastal partnerships, by recognising and highlighting the invaluable role of transitional waters in supporting the biological diversity of our rivers and oceans.

The 3Cs MoRPh Estuaries project aims to help catchment and coastal partners and volunteers to gather and build evidence and knowledge of physical habitats and processes that will complement and aid interpretation of other monitoring data such as key species or plastics etc.  

Designed for citizen scientists and professionals to assess the physical habitat of estuary margins, the MoRPh Estuaries survey method complements the national Modular River Survey (www.modularsurvey.org) enabling whole catchment monitoring and appraisal in a consistent way from non-tidal through to tidal river reaches and estuaries. 

Following a successful pilot in 2022 (see MoRPh Estuaries storymap) 3Cs MoRPh Estuaries project partners will be delivering a Webinar on 17th April to share news of progress, partner case studies, plans for scaling up and opportunities for free training and support for physical habitat monitoring and integrated analysis. 

The 3Cs MoRPh Estuaries webinar is free and open to all interested in the protection, conservation and improvement of estuarine habitats.

Phase 1 aims to reach out to as many people as possible working in tidal rivers and estuaries to discover needs and opportunities for physical habitat assessment.

Please help by taking a few mins to complete our short online Championing MoRPh Estuaries Questionnaire(ave. time <10mins)

All information shared with us will help inform the support we can provide for your activities and the establishment of future regional hubs.

To register for the webinar or simply find out more – please fill in our short questionnaire and include your contact details.

Thank you for your interest!. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions and all about your interests and ambitions for protecting or improving your local estuary.

Hope to meet you too on 17th April – if you cannot make that date, simply sign up for more information via the MoRPh Estuaries questionnaire.