We offer several training opportunities, each of one day duration:

Introduction to MoRPh provides you with a MoRPh log-in and offers basic training in:

  • How to conduct a MoRPh survey
  • How to access the MoRPh data base via
  • How to upload, map and download MoRPh survey data

Reinforcing MoRPh offers you a practical day of direct field survey and data upload support with plenty of opportunities to clarify any details or record a wider variety of rivers than possible on the Introduction to MoRPh course. The day can be tailored to meet your specific needs and is also be a good way to prepare for Becoming A MoRPh Trainer.
The prerequisite for attendance is that you have already received MoRPh training equivalent to ‘Introduction to MoRPh’

Becoming a MoRPh Trainer checks that you fully understand the MoRPh field survey and can apply it in complex situations. The course provides everything you need to train and register your own volunteers in your own workspace on the Cartographer system including how to QA data. The prerequisites for attendance are that you have already received MoRPh training equivalent to ‘Introduction to MoRPh’ and that you have conducted and uploaded at least nine MoRPh surveys including sites on at least three different rivers.
On completion of the training you will:

  • be able to train others in how to conduct a MoRPh survey
  • possess additional privileges associated with your log-in to which will allow you to register your own volunteers as MoRPh surveyors
  • be able to approve surveys in your own workspace created by surveyors that you have trained.

Applying MoRPh on request, we are happy to discuss any additional training needs for interpreting and reporting using MoRPh survey data.

Upcoming Training Courses

At present we do not have a scheduled programme of courses, but if you would like to receive training, either Introduction to MoRPh, Reinforcing MoRPh or Becoming a MoRPh Trainer can be arranged for a maximum of 10 people at a cost of £600 (+ costs agreed in advance). For this, a course can be delivered at any venue you can provide within Great Britain which has a suitable training room with WiFi and a nearby river reach for field training, or your group can receive training at Queen Mary University of London where training room, WiFi and field site will be provided.


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Training Enquiries

If you would like to book a one-day course for a group of up to 10 people or if you have any queries about training please contact Lucy Shuker via the form below: