We provide a series of training courses and events for NGOs and non-profits working with citizen scientists and volunteers, to build trainees knowledge of river physical habitats, survey and assessment skills and experience, starting from basic standard MoRPh surveying up to becoming a MoRPh Citizen Science Trainer:

  • Introduction to MoRPh CSci (Part 1) – this 1-day in-person group training course provides you with the basic field survey training and a login to our MoRPh Citizen Science database, this foundation course explains how to conduct a MoRPh survey to give your local river a ‘physical habitats health check’, and explains the difference between single MoRPh modules and MoRPh10 subreach surveys;
  • Monitoring with MoRPh CSci (Part 2) – this 1-day follow on in-person group training course is for trained MoRPh surveyors who would like to know more about how to design an investigation using the MoRPh approach; this course will explain how best to interrogate and interpret the MoRPh Citizen Science data outputs at sites of interest where changes in physical habitats are taking place;
  • Have a field day with MoRPh CSci (Part 3) – this 0.5 day follow on event provides a structured field survey ‘MoRPh blitz’ with support from an experienced MoRPh CSci trainer; this field training event is for trained MoRPh surveyors and follows a format that can be adapted for a single site or distributed across selected sites within a (sub)catchment to build time-stamped evidence of physical habitat quality .
  • Becoming a MoRPh Citizen Science Trainer and QA lead (Part 4) – is aimed at experienced MoRPh CSci surveyors who want to run the MoRPh Citizen Science training courses and events for citizen scientists in their local catchment or area, provide support for local MoRPh CSci applications and QA local data. (Please note – pre-requisites apply. Please get in touch for more information).

We do not routinely advertise MoRPh Citizen Science training events, but we are very happy to provide more information on request and to run any of the courses above by appointment:

You may also be able to join Introduction to MoRPh courses being offered by third parties in your home area. Get in touch to find out which groups are operating near you:

Course Outlines

Introduction to MoRPh CSci

This one-day introductory course provides you with a login to the MoRPh Citizen Science open data workspace and trains you in:

  • how to conduct a basic MoRPh field survey;
  • how to record surveys on the Modular River Survey MoRPh Citizen Science database in Cartographer;
  • how to view and download MoRPh data and maps from the Modular River Survey MoRPh Citizen Science database in Cartographer.

The course involves time spent in the classroom and the field. Be sure to check the weather in advance and bring suitable clothes and wellies!

We can run Introduction to MoRPh for up to 10 attendees in response to demand. Please get in touch if you have any questions or to arrange training for your organization.

Monitoring with MoRPh CSci & Field days with MoRPh CSci

The Monitoring with MoRPh training course is ideal for trained MoRPh CS surveyors who have already conducted a number of surveys and want to refresh and expand their knowledge. It provides a second day of field and desk study that addresses various aspects of the survey and software in greater depth. The course is a great way to prepare for Becoming A MoRPh Trainer.

Our Having a Field day with MoRPh CSci events are a new offering that is designed to get new surveyors started on gathering data and building evidence of physical habitat changes at their local sites of interest.

We run both courses by request, which allows us to tailor the course to meet your specific needs. Please get in touch if you have any questions or to arrange training for your organization.

To attend this course you must have completed Introduction to MoRPh and conducted a minimum of 10 MoRPh surveys.

Becoming a MoRPh CSci Trainer

This one day course provides everything you need to train and register your own volunteers to collect MoRPh data. It checks that you fully understand the MoRPh field survey and tools, and can apply them in complex situations.

On completion of the training you will be able to:

  • train others in how to conduct a MoRPh survey;
  • register your own volunteers on the MoRPh CSci database;
  • run your own MoRPh field days!
  • approve surveys created by MoRPh CSci surveyors recording data on rivers and streams in your area.

We run Becoming a MoRPh Trainer in response to demand. Get in touch to arrange training for you or your organization.

To attend this course you must have completed Introduction to MoRPh and conducted a minimum of 30 MoRPh surveys on at least three different rivers.

Terms and Conditions

Modular River Survey training courses, including the Citizen Science course, are run by Cartographer Studios under their Training Terms.