RCA Training – Dates & Booking Information

Our next available courses will be online, starting on the dates shown below in August and September 2024.

You can view an outline of the 6-week online course structure (plus final assessment) and the costs of individually-booked or discounted group booking options on the Modular River Survey RCA Professional Training page.

If you’re interested in booking a discounted Group course booking, please send more details and we will be happy to discuss any specific training needs or alternative timings etc. 

All RCA courses begin with self-led learning and practical exercises in the first 4 weeks, this learning is brought together and build upon through the online trainer sessions pre-scheduled in weeks 5 and 6.  Please note – a final field test survey assessment is required to complete full RCA accreditation*.

The in-course training includes: two pre-scheduled 2hr online sessions plus two shorter (20min) sessions with the RCA trainer in the weeks 5 & 6 – these are essential parts of the course, which all delegates will need to attend, so please make sure that you or everyone that you are booking for will be available to attend the live sessions in weeks 5 & 6 on the dates shown in italics on the table below.

*A summary of all known and estimated timings for training and assessments is available on request*

To select your preferred course and progress to a confirmed booking, we will need a few more essential details.

Please could you:

  • upload your invoicing information on this short Booking Form 
  • send specific information (e.g. delegates email details) to training@cartographer.io clearly stating the ID for the course with the key dates that you are booking
  • we will confirm receipt and your booking(s) at the earliest opportunity.

Many thanks! 

Confirmation of places will be made on a ‘first come first served’ basis. 

Exact course dates for individual or group courses and timings for self-led and taught content will be provided with course bookings and can also be provided in advance on request.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line via our CONTACT FORM

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RCA Course Timings with Key Live Event dates

Course IDRCA2408(1)RCA2408(2)RCA2409
Start date:05-Aug-202405-Aug-202409-Sep-2024
Online Conference #1 –
Components 1&2
Weds 4th SepThurs 5th SepWeds 9th Oct
Individual 20min one-to-one sessions bookable on:the afternoon of group conference datethe afternoon of group conference datethe afternoon of group conference date
Online Conference #2 –
Component 3
Weds 11th SepThurs 12th SepWeds 16th Oct
Individual 20min one-to-one sessions bookable on:the afternoon of group conference datethe afternoon of group conference datethe afternoon of group conference date
End date**:13-Sep-202413-Sep-202418-Oct-2024

* Please note the accredited RCA course is focused on the River Condition Assessment part of the Biodiversity Metric Watercourse Module only, and does not cover the wider elements of the Watercourse Unit Module or corresponding parts of the Biodiversity Metric calculation tool (please see CIEEM website for more information on training for the Biodiversity Metric Watercourse Unit Module).

** This date marks the completion of the 6 week RCA training programme. For full RCA CPD accreditation, all delegates must successfully complete a calibration test survey for which an additional 6 weeks is allocated (extendable to a maximum of 12 weeks on request).

Terms and Conditions

Modular River Survey training courses, including the River Condition Assessment course, are run by Cartographer Studios under their Training Terms.